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Goosegrass/Paragis- 10 Potential Health Benefits, Use and General Information

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Goosegrass (also called wire grass or yard grass) is an obnoxious weed with scientific name Eleusine indica (Linn.) Gaertner. In the Philippines, it is commonly known as paragis, apidan, bikad-bikad, bakis-bakisan, bugtusan, barangan, gagabutan, dinapulak, kabit-kabit, palagtiki, parangis-sabungan, sambali, and sabung-sabungan (this is due to the many dialects). This plant, classified as a grass, is a trending topic after a person posted on social media that after drinking the goosegrass "tea", her ailment miraculously was cured. Everyone is looking for a miracle; she is lucky to have found hers.

Eleusine indica is a weed found in many places and can withstand temperatures as low as -7°C. It is native to tropical Asia, Papuasia, and Africa while it is naturalized in Australia, the Mediterranean, the Americas particularly South America and various islands. It was first described and named by Carl Linnaeus in his book Species Plantarum (1753) but was reclassified…

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